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Changing Sleep Routines

You know exactly how to get your little one to sleep, problem is its rocking like a gibbon on one leg over the cot. This just isn't sustainable so lets change it... without tears!

Firstly, congratulations on finding a way to get your baby off to sleep! Lets use that and introduce habit stacking. This strategy is from behaviour change psychology, it takes time but is gentle and attentive = no tears! I like to explain it like the game Jenga...

Our current foolproof method is the centre brick on the bottom row, either side we add noise and environment- our consistent base bricks (white noise and cot). We then stack on our soothing bricks, shushing, patting, stroking or comforter, whatever works for you and your baby.

Once this soothing routine is established we can then begin sliding blocks out, slowly and at your babies pace. The final phase usually leaves parents shushing sitting next to the cot. Day by day we then move further away from the cot (still shushing) until we are barely audible and the sound of a white noise machine takes over. Your baby has learnt the art of falling asleep and you have given them the love and comfort they need while doing so. This builds your relationship and fills your little one with confidence. Now, when they stir between sleep cycles throughout the night they are able to happily resettle. A sustainable sleep routine is the key to baby sleep as you are able to be consistent. If you need help with this or any other sleep issues book a support call with me and together we can reach your sleep goals.



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