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Your Expert Sleep Coach


Hi, I’m Roxy, a certified sleep consultant and childcare professional, with a passion for helping families achieve restful and revitalising sleep. 


Experience That Matters

With years of dedicated service as a sleep consultant, I’vehelped many families and sleep-deprived souls. Driven by a genuine commitment to improving the lives of those I work with I have immersed myself in the science of sleep - andcontinue to stay updated on the latest research and breakthroughs. My experience has equipped me with the knowledge and insights to address a spectrum of sleep challenges.


Unlocking the Secrets of Your Child’s Sleep

Each child's sleep journey is unique. I personalise my coaching to suit your specific needs. Whether you're a new parent seeking to establish healthy sleep habits for your infant, are dealing with an unexpected sleep regression, or need to help your child manage night terrors. I'll work closely with you to design a customised plan that gives you the tools to navigate this fun, scary, testing, brilliant journey known as parenthood.


Empowering Parents 

It’s easy to feel like everyone else knows how to do everything perfectly. After many years working in the private sector as a nanny, in local schools and nurseries, and as a mum of two I can confidently say everyone is winging it! There is no 'right' way to parent and no book to show us how to support and guide our child through each stage. 


Easy-to-Follow Guidance

My approach to solving sleep issues is rooted in simplicity and effectiveness. Sleep problems can feel overwhelming, but with the right guidance, they can quickly be conquered. I will equip you with easy-to-follow strategies and practical tips that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.



Let's work together to unlock the secrets to a peaceful night's sleep and ensure that you and your little sleep-thief wake up each day ready to conquer the world. 


Book a free 15-minute consultation now!



Thank you for considering me as your sleep consultant. Your journey to improved sleep starts here.


Sweet dreams x


Roxy Whale

Sleep Consultant

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"Roxy is professional, effective but most importantly very kind and supporting and has a natural ability with babies and children. Her standards are extremely high and we have always seen love, patience and kind determination to help our boys achieve things"

Mrs C Casale

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