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Child Sleep

Surrey Sleep Consultant

In this day and age it is all too easy to feel like everyone knows how to do everything perfectly when it comes to family life. After twelve years working with families, in the private sector nannying, in local schools and nurseries and a mum of two I can confidently tell you, everyone is winging it.


There is no 'right' way to parent and no book to show us how to support and guide our individual child through each stage. It can be overwhelming to receive advice from multiple friends, family members, books and the internet. Sometimes we just need to find a quiet space to decide our own path.

I decided to set up The Surrey Sleep Consultant to help parents do just that. I am here to provide information so you can make informed decisions, I do not dictate particular strategies for you and your child but provide support for you to achieve your goals within parenting challenges.

Giving the tools to parents to navigate this fun, scary, testing, sometimes monotonous but always challenging, brilliant journey known as parenthood.

Roxy x


"Roxy is professional, effective but most importantly very kind and supporting and has a natural ability with babies and children. Her standards are extremely high and we have always seen love, patience and kind determination to help our boys achieve things"

Mrs C Casale
Father and Daughter

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