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A little bit about me...



Since becoming a mother myself I've seen how hard it is to be that person for my own children. It was so easy to do when it was my job! 


Juggling everything whilst on the treadmill of parenthood is hard, and as a lady who LOVES her sleep I remember feeling like a completely different person in the first year of my first child's life. It was hard and everyone wanted to 'help' by giving their very conflicting ideas!  I'd google 'how to get my child to sleep' and then be lost in a mountain of information before realising I couldn't be consistent with any of it because I didn't feel it was right.


My second child then suffered with night terrors at only several months old, which I had never witnessed before or come across in the hundreds of children I had worked with. I wanted to make changes to help myself and my baby boy and so my quest began.


It was since then that I researched, looked at sleep studies from all over the world, read books and got every free sleep leaflet that I could lay my hands on. I then took the plunge and enrolled on the Babyem sleep training course with the incredibly knowledgeable Lyndsey Hookway. As soon as the course began I knew this was exactly what I was supposed to be doing as a full time job. I'd been doing it for years for friends, playground mums and families I'd nannied for, but now my reach could be wider, my knowledge deeper, and a holistic approach as a qualified sleep coach.


Child work is my passion and empowering families to enjoy family life is my goal.  One day I'd love to have a center for children and parents to come where myself, and a range of other professionals, could chat and help families find parenting solutions for themselves.  But for now this is the space...  

It is here that I hope to help you on your journey in parenthood.


Hi I'm Roxy!

I wear many hats (don't we all!) I'm a mummy of two, labradoodle mummy, daughter, sister, grand-daughter and friend alongside other things!


I've always greatly believed in our next generation and have strived to give all the children I have been in contact with a childhood to remember. Through play work at adventure playgrounds, a nursery nurse and private nanny. I’ll always be the first one to log role down the hill, pull on my wellies and jump in puddles and lick the bowl after baking!

Child sleep consultant, Baby help, Sleep coach for toddlers
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