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A little bit about me...

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Juggling everything whilst on the treadmill of parenthood is hard, and as a lady who LOVES her sleep, I remember feeling like a completely different person in the first year of my first child's life. It was hard and everyone wanted to 'help' by giving their very conflicting ideas!  I'd google 'how to get my child to sleep' and then be lost in a mountain of information before realising I wasn’t being consistent with any of it because I didn't believe it was right. This left me muddling through with my firstborn daughter. 


When my son was born, I noticed his sleep was very different. At a very young age, he would wake up screaming the house down a few hours after falling asleep. I researched a lot and sought professional help only to be told it was just normalbaby crying. My gut was telling me this wasn’t okay or ‘normal’ and so my obsession with sleep began. It started with websites and books and led to a qualification to become a sleep consultant so I could support others in similar situations. 


Covid and lockdowns came along, and for the first time in my life, I found myself struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep. I noticed others were suffering and my family and friends were reaching out for advice. I realised I had the toolbox to support people of all ages and was doing so with great results. Wanting to help more people I enrolled on an adult sleep course, expanding my knowledge to allow me to address a wide range of sleep issues including insomnia, night waking, snoring and night terrors. 


I'm genuinely obsessed with sleep! The significance of quality sleep in our lives cannot be overstated. Sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being. My passion for sleep is what fuels my mission to reach out to as many sleep-deprived individuals as possible. I'm here to share advice, offer support, and give you the tools to make sure you get the sleep you deserve.


Sweet dreams x



Hi I'm Roxy!

I wear many hats (don't we all!) sleep consultant, a mummy of two, labradoodle mum, daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend amongst other things!


Through my childcare career as a nursery nurse, a private nanny, and my play work at adventure playgrounds, I've always strived to give all the children I have been in contact with a childhood to remember. I’ll always be the first one to log roll down the hill, pull on my wellies to jump in puddles, and lick the bowl after baking!

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