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Parenting isn’t a Race, it’s a Marathon…

I went up to London yesterday to support a friend running the marathon. It was so emotional to see people pushing themselves to raise money for such amazing charities with thousands of people around them calling their names on their t-shirts, clapping, cheering, congratulating and encouraging.

It really got me thinking…

Without support would running a marathon be possible? Would people push through? With silent roads and just the sound of their feet hitting the pavement, heart pounding and mind wandering, would they make it to the finishing line?

Or what about spectators shouting ‘I wouldn’t go that slow you’ll never make the finish!’ or ‘your running style is a bit odd, widen your stride!’

Parenting isn’t a race, it’s a marathon.

You need supporters, people cheering you on while you do it your way, without judgement and when it gets tough they help you through, give you encouragement and run alongside you until you’re back on track.

My children initially called me embarrassing yesterday as I whooped, cheered and shouted encouraging words to faces I didn’t know using names from a t-shirt, until they saw the runners reactions- the smiles, the thumbs up and boost they got. They soon joined in cheering, calling names and high-fiving.

It’s uplifting, it’s powerful and we need more of it in the world. Love and support.

I love that so many parents don’t just want a plan from me, they want my support package- 10days of WhatsApp texts or emails while they implement the plan. They are supported by me every step of the way until they step over the sleep marathon finish line! We whoop and celebrate together and they are proud of their achievements!

I love that I get to do that every day of the week. The joy I get from finish line texts is second to none.

Congratulations to everyone that ran the @londonmarathon yesterday. You are amazing, inspiring humans! 🎉💕

And to all the families who have pushed or are pushing through their own sleep marathon… you’ve got this!!

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