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International Women’s Day

As International Womens Day draws to an end I feel compelled to thank you all… Every amazing woman in my life. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such incredibly strong women, each full of love, support, encouragement and strength.

Surround yourself with those women.

Seek those women.

The ones who spark joy in your heart.

The ones who make you feel lighter when you leave.

I am so incredibly lucky to have a career supporting other women to walk the path on their parenting journey in a way that they feel is right. There are too many people out there throwing out comments that drag women down, make them doubt themselves and their intuition.

Week in week out I work with fiercely strong women pushing to parent their way, following their gut and intuition.

I support and guide them to reach their goals and I LOVE IT! I love witnessing the new height that woman reaches and how that floods out to their entire family. They are armed with that new knowledge, they are empowered and they share that and build up those around them. 💫

Women are amazing.

You are all incredible 💕

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