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Adult Sleep Support

Updated: Jan 2

I've had the best day today supporting staff of a primary school with their sleep.

It’s been so amazing to listen and support each of them with all of their different sleep problems.

The biggest take away of the day was JOY

When do you feel it? Where in your day is it built in?

For so many its that huge sigh as we settle into bed at the end of the day, joyous relief with the start of ‘me’ time.

But why?

Why are we going about our days waiting for them to end?

Why don‘t we wake excited to open our eyes and start our day?

Only we are in control of our day, so choose to make it a joyous one!

Wake up 30mins before everyone in the house and get a hot cup of coffee and your book and have that time for yourself, be excited to sip that coffee and find out what happens next in your book.

Take a walk with the dog and get some fresh air if that brings you joy?

Watch a Netflix episode in the morning, instead of at night when your eyes feel like they’re bleeding just to do something for you.

Then during the day try to be mindful and present as you go about your day, feel your feet on the ground, relax your shoulders away from your ears, take some calm deep breaths. Make those pockets of time throughout the day.

We aren't here to only enjoy a tiny part of our day, at the very end when we are exhausted.

It's time to make changes if it is...

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