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Roxy O’Brien


Hi I’m Roxy,

I am a sleep consultant who has worked for many years supporting families with their little ones sleep, both adult and child. Whether we are four months old or forty, we all need sleep and don’t function well without it!

So here I am trying to reach as many sleep deprived people in the world from my website and mobile number, giving them all the advice and support I can. I can promise there are very few people you will meet as obsessed with sleep as I am. It all began when my children were born and I noticed the lack of support for us as a family. Friends, family and even professionals such as GPs and health visitors had varying advice when it came to helping. This left me muddling through with my first born daughter, when my son was born in 2013 I noticed his sleep was very different, and at a very young age he would wake screaming as though a body organ was about to explode a few hours after falling asleep. I researched and found night terrors only to be told he was too young for these and it was just normal baby crying. It was not. My guts were telling me this wasn’t okay or ‘normal’ and so my obsession with sleep began. It started with websites and books and lead to a qualification to become a sleep consultant so I could support others in similar situations. Working with families for the past several years has been better than I could ever imagined. I still fill with joy just as I did the first time when a family text me thrilled to have had their first nights sleep. I love my job.

Covid and lock downs came along, and for the first time in my life I struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep and I noticed others were suffering too, family and friends were reaching out for advice. It was then I noticed I’d really put myself in a box with the support I could offer. I had the toolbox to support all ages and was doing so with great results, even for myself but adults have further issues that effect their sleep and so I enrolled onto an adult sleep course to ensure I could help everyone.  


No matter the person I talk to, it always comes back to the same conversation…
We are taught nothin
g about sleep. It’s spoken like its a ‘natural thing’ that just

happens… but what happens when it doesn’t? Most clients have been to a GP who

suggests medication or a bedtime routine and they don’t have the knowledge or

time to actually get to the cause. Symptoms are treated but once the medicationss

run out we are right back to the beginning again. I want to break the cycle. I want

to support you to get the best nights sleep possible so you can be the best version

of you, wether that be for work, your husband, wife, child or just the world. Sleep

effects everything, lets make sure its always in a positive way!

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